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A full line of powered and non-powered reels are available with coil weights from 50-500 pounds on the 100 Series reels and 1500-6000 pounds on the 1000 series. Options include hydraulic reels that offer smooth running capability for delicate material, fixed or adjustable center, electronic loop control for motorized units and much more.


Feed Lease builds coil reels ranging from 1,500 Lbs. capacity to 60,000 Lbs. capacity.  Our reel design is consistent with our approach of building coil handling equipment systems with durability in mind.  Most of our single arm reels have the same basic design foundation, providing commonality of design throughout.

All weight capacities are available as pull-off or powered models with optional coil cars for nearly every reel.  Pull-off reels include mechanical, pneumatic or fail-safe brakes with optional threading drives.  Powered reels employ AC variable frequency drives with a variety of optional loop control systems including non-contact styles. Safety and efficiency features including coil load cars, auto-centering, and hold down arms, are also available.

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