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K80 series rotating cam limit switches are ideal for use in clutch/brake feedback circuits. Available with 1-12 cams in Nema 1 or 12 enclosures. Options include spring loaded chain brake base, combination cam/resolver units. Full range of custom designs incorporating tachometers, encoders and resolvers to meet most applications.

The PP150 from Toledo Integrated Systems is a low cost retrofit press control. It can accept cam, resolver or encoder inputs. Offers off/inch/single/continuous modes of operation with up to 4 operator stations standard. Includes brake monitor with 90 degree stop time testing. Options include continuous on demand, PLS outputs and more. Toledo can supply this control in packages with press automation controls as well as PLC’s for more complex applications.




Pressroom Electronics Press Commander control is a resolver based system with complete clutch/brake control capabilities as well as press automation controls in one. Packages available with loose components only up to complete enclosed units with motor starters and disconnects.

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