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Pinnacle Systems offers multiple models of light curtains to help improve your pressroom safety. Systems for point of operation guarding on the press as well as perimeter guarding for Robots and other factory automation. Systems offer optional floating and fixed blanking. 3 box systems (transmitter, receiver and control box) as well as Solid State output version are available.

Two versions are available. The standard NSD Series is a traditional N.O. style mat. The STTS is an advanced mat with no dead zones (reads right to the edge), is impervious to punctures and meets category 4 safety standards. Theses mats are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes are available. They are offered in ribbed, non-skid and high temperature housings.




Need to know how far away your light curtains or run stands need to be from the point of operation on your press? The Semelex is your solution. This portable stop time meter can accurately give you stopping time and/or safety distance reading on your mechanical or hydraulic presses. Can optionally be used to give safety distance reading on other moving automation that requires protection.

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